Servant of the People Party plans to head 21 Verkhovna Rada committees

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Ruslan Stefanchuk, Ukrainian President envoy to the parliament, member of the Servant of the People Party, said the political force plans to chair the 21st parliamentary committee (out of 23 that the Preparatory Deputy Group proposed to create).

“We proposed mathematical quotas for the occupancy of certain committees. We really want the principles of proportionality and professionalism in the distribution of committees to be respected. The party cannot claim it has 15 professionals in one sphere, but it will not fill out other committees – this will not happen,” Stefanchuk said.

The President envoy to the parliament insists that each party should be proportionally represented in each committee, Hromadske reports.

“We are applying to chair the 21 committees, and take the first two deputies. For others – the first deputy and secretary – we are ready to pass on to our colleagues to decide. We will transfer two or three committees for chairmanship [to other parties – ed.],” he summed up.

Answering the question which committees the opposition may lead, Stefanchuk answered: “I think that we can talk about a committee for freedom of speech, a committee of human rights, which is also associated with Donbas, Crimea and national minorities, and maybe we can talk about a committee youth and sports, and the position of second vice speaker.”

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